Learning to Embrace the ‘Mum Tum’

I’m saying it loud and clear – I’m proud of my mum tum. My saggy skin and stretch mark covered wobbly belly. It tells a story. My stretch marks and endometriosis surgery scars are a flesh road map reminding me of my journey. Side by side, they tell a tale of both my struggles and … Continue reading Learning to Embrace the ‘Mum Tum’


Why breast milk is magical

Breast milk is magical. Did you know that breast milk adapts to exactly what your baby needs at any given time? It is different during the daytime to night time, in hot weather and in cold weather, when your baby is extra hungry or extra thirsty and when your baby is going through a growth … Continue reading Why breast milk is magical

Maternity leave: Happiness seems to be loneliness

Maternity leave is arguably one of the most wonderful, beautiful and special times of a woman’s life. It’s time she gets to bond, nurture and create a plethora of memories with her baby. Long walks in the park, mum & baby groups and an abundance of smiles, laughter & play. It can also be a … Continue reading Maternity leave: Happiness seems to be loneliness

Baby blues & new mum guilt

Theodore Roosevelt rightly said that 'nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty'. Life's greatest pleasures are often our achievements that have taken hard work, blood, sweat and tears to accomplish.  That couldn't be truer of parenthood. Being a mum is one of the most rewarding things … Continue reading Baby blues & new mum guilt

Hypnobirthing: informed, educated, empowered

You've probably heard me raving about hypnobirthing at some point. You may know exactly what I'm on about or you may not have a clue and think it's some 'hippie' concept and ideal that wouldn't actually work in the 'real world'.I'd never heard of hypnobirthing before falling pregnant. I was sat in my hairdresser's chair … Continue reading Hypnobirthing: informed, educated, empowered