Review: Sleepyhead Grand

{Gifted} I received this product, and spare cover, with compliments of Sleepyhead of Sweden. Due to Reuben’s age and length, we opted for the Sleepyhead Grand in ‘Black Marble’ with the Mrs Mighetto ‘Night Night’ spare cover.

Sleepyhead pods are a multi-functunal and extremely comfortable product designed for your baby to play in, lounge in and sleep in. The Sleepyhead was created to mimic the womb – it’s shape providing a snug and cradle like environment; which in turn can help to aid restful sleep. Sleepyhead pods come in two sizes: Delux+ for babies 0-8 months and Grand for babies & toddlers aged 9-36 months.

For me, the main pull of the product is having an easily portable nap solution for Reuben. Being able to take something familiar with us everywhere we go helps provide a safe and recognisable sleep area no matter where we are. Coming in a convenient reusable bag with handle, it is easy to transport and carry with you on the move. Upon arrival you need to remove a large piece of cardboard which is in place to protect the pod – keep this! It is handy for when you want to transport or store the pod in future.

What really makes the Sleepyhead stand out is the high quality materials it is made from. The Sleepyhead is handmade in Europe and consists of 100% cotton and is OEKO-TEX certified; meaning that it is free from hazardous substances or harmful chemicals. The Sleepyhead has been tested for air-permeability and is 100% breathable harbouring both a comfortable and safe environment for your baby to sleep in. Further to this, it has fully removable machine washable covers meaning it is easy and convenient to keep clean and hygienic. I recommend having at least one spare cover so that you can wash on rotation regularly.

We mainly use the Sleepyhead Grand for day time naps both at home and when we’re out and about. It is also perfect for those sunny days where you want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Providing both a comfortable play space and somewhere to nap, it is an ideal choice to take out with you. We create a shaded area for Reuben and place him in the pod with some of his toys; removing them to create a safe sleep space when he gives tired cues.

I’m incredibly impressed with the quality and practicality of the Sleepyhead. It ticks so many boxes for us. I only wish I had purchased one when Reuben was a newborn. I also love that you can totally change the look of the Sleepyhead by buying additional covers. They have a huge range of stunning and unique patterns & colours to chose from; including ones designed by artists and photographers.

The Sleepyhead is a fantastic multi-functional product made using only high quality materials. The brand goes above and beyond using innovation to pair safety with style and comfort. I highly recommend both the Sleepyhead and the beautiful spare covers.

You can purchase the Black Marble Sleepyhead Grand pod here and the Night Night cover here.

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