Review: OXO Tot Feeding Accessories

{Gifted} I was thrilled when OXO Tot got in touch and asked if I’d like to try and review some items from their Baby & Toddler range. They have such a fabulous array of products on offer and I was especially a fan of their white with teal and white with grey accessories. I’m a sucker for nice, simple and neutral baby items. In particular, I’d had my eye on the white and grey Space Saving Drying Rack which I knew would look stunning in my kitchen.

The rack was incredibly easy to assemble and also simple to clean; due to both the removable water collection tray at the bottom and drying tray at the top. It includes plenty of little angled arms which are perfect for drying bottle teats, breast pump parts, bottles and cups. We even dry Reuben’s plates on them by slotting those into the rack. We use the top compartment to dry dummies, teethers and baby cutlery. You can fit an awful lot on this rack which is brilliant as it means you can hygienically and speedily dry all of your baby or toddler’s washing up without taking over your kitchen. Prior to having the rack my kitchen was swamped with baby accessories on squares of kitchen roll. The added bonus to this rack is that it is also sleek and super stylish – I’ve even spotted it in Mrs Hinch’s beautiful kitchen (I had it first though, just saying hehe).

The second item we were sent was the Roll Up Pelican Bib in grey. We were forever foraging for the bits of food that fall into that gap between the high chair try and baby so decided to give this catcher bib a try. It’s great! Reuben’s stray bits of food fall directly into the bib lip and he is able to both see and retrieve the food himself. The bib has an adjustable velcro fastener, meaning it lasts as baby gets bigger, and is both wipeable and machine washable. Due to the bib being silicone and fabric, you can effortlessly roll it up and pop in your changing bag for when you’re on the move. I’m increasingly finding a lot of cafes and restaurants have highchairs with no tray – so having this bib is a bit of a lifesaver because baby’s food lands in the bib rather than on the floor. I need to invest in more of these bibs so I can have them on rotation whilst the other bib(s) is in the wash.

Last, but certainly not least, we were sent the Stick & Stay Suction Divided Plate in white & teal. My goodness! The suction on this plate is second to none. I’ve never known anything like it! There’s not a chance your little one is moving this plate once suctioned in place. It really is ‘kid proof’; you have to know what you’re doing to release the suction and remove the plate. I love sectioned baby plates & bowls, especially for weaning, as they mean you can pop a variety of foods out for your little one to try whilst helping them understand there’s a difference between flavours/types of food in each bit. For lunch and tea, I tend to put out two types of veggies and a meat or carb in the outer sections with more of a ‘treat’ in the middle section. The plate is easy to clean and is dishwasher proof for those of you lucky enough to not be a human dishwasher (don’t know why I’m being sassy, my husband is the dishwasher in this house). I need to get the bowl from this range ASAP. All the bowls I’ve tried so far have ended up on the floor and Reuben’s porridge splat everywhere! I know for a fact any products from OXO Tot’s Stick & Stay range will not be going anywhere in a hurry.

You can find out more about the items above over on OXO Tot’s website with much of their range purchasable from both John Lewis and Amazon.

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