New Year, New House

If you don’t follow me on Instagram you’re probably wondering what gives with all of the radio silence. Put simply, I’ve had a lot on (though haven’t we all!). We had a whole host of problems with our previous rental property and Landlady, we were in the middle of trying to secure our first bought home and thing after thing kept falling into our laps and needed our full attention. It went without saying that I had to put blogging on the back burner so that I could concentrate on some really important bits and pieces! I kept my Instagram ticking over as best I could during this whirlwind – but I can’t wait to give it my all in the New Year and work on some exciting collaborations.

I’m beyond thrilled to tell you that we put our rental property problems to bed and waved goodbye to that stressful chapter. We also said goodbye to Manchester and have bought and moved into the most lovely little house in the middle of the countryside. It makes such a huge difference living here away from all the hustle and bustle, I can’t even explain to you how much. I’ve swapped views of a busy (and noisy) dual-carriageway for those of fields and beautiful snow-topped hills. I feel so much relief being here and it’s already made me so much happier. Not to mention having all of my friends and family so much closer – my next door neighbour is my best friend’s mum!

Let me tell you a bit about the house and what we’ve been up to. We’ve bought a little Victorian two-bed terrace believed to have been built around 1890. It was built for the workers of the cotton mill which sat behind it (now housing a gym and various businesses). It has the most stunning period black door and is deceivingly big inside. The chap that lived here before us had lived in the property since 1951 and when he passed away a couple of years ago the house was sold at auction. Unfortunately it was in a bit of a sorry state but was renovated from top to bottom by the couple we purchased it from. It has a cosy lounge, dining room, a dinky kitchen, cellar, large bathroom and two good sized bedrooms. It is the ideal size for the three of us and it really does make the perfect family home.

As with anything, you want to make it your own and put your stamp on it. We decided to give the place a fresh lick of paint and get rid of the boring and drab beige colours. We picked a colour palate of whites and greys which have brightened the place up making it modern and fresh. We painted the majority of the walls in Dulux ‘Rock Salt’, painted a feature wall in the kitchen in ‘Warm Pewter’, cornices and fire places have been brought to life with ‘Chic Shadow’ and we’ve pulled the ‘Chic Shadow’ throughout the house covering over the wall paper and revamping the bathroom. The house had a number of pieces of wooden fitted furniture which have been spruced up with Dulux ‘Polished Pebble’ and trendy new door handles. I can’t tell you how much difference the painting has made – it’s such a cheap yet greatly effective way to bring a space back to life.

Other than painting, we’ve also given the bathroom a makeover. Realistically we would have liked to rip the whole thing out and start again – should money have allowed this. However, we’re on a budget and a tight one at that. The bathroom suite isn’t to my taste at all but it is fine and is new so for now it’s staying put. As mentioned above, we switched boring beige for Dulux ‘Chic Shadow’ on the bathroom walls and it was the perfect choice for this room. This paint job alone instantly transformed the space making it feel contemporary and on trend. Again, the fitted furniture was revitalised with ‘Polished Pebble’ and new handles and we picked floor tiles to cover the now out of place wood effect lino. I fell in love with the Laura Ashley ‘Mr Jones Durham’ floor tiles in the charcoal colouring. I knew I wanted something patterned but didn’t want anything that was a bit too much. These fit the bill and my goodness have they changed the look of my bathroom. For me, a bathroom just doesn’t feel right without a nice tiled floor and this just made the room feel so much more luxurious.

One of my great achievements in the bathroom was deciding to use tile paint on the bath/shower area wall tiles. The colour choice of tiles was really not to my taste at all – brown, white and black (just why!?). That said, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the tiles themselves and the tiling had only just been done. I researched tile paints and was impressed with the results I’d seen online. I therefore decided it was worth a try; I wasn’t happy with the tiles how they were so it was worth a punt. We picked the Ronseal ‘One Coat’ tile paint in ‘White Satin’. We worked the paint into the corners, edges and grout with a paint brush and then used a gloss roller to apply evenly over the tiles themselves. This, we felt, gave a more smooth and even finish than using a brush. You’ll want a roller made specifically for gloss though as this tile paint is sticky and appears like a gloss. We applied one coat and left to dry before applying a second coat – the 750ml tin was just enough for the two coats. I’m beyond impressed with how it’s managed to cover up black and brown tiles with not much effort at all! In all honesty it could probably do with another coat, at some point, but unless you know they’ve been painted I don’t think you’d be able to tell. For £18.99 it is well worth a try if you’re not happy with your tiles or just fancy a change. It’s suitable for a number of different tile types – just check yours is one of them.

We completed the bathroom revamp on a budget and have spent around £300. Given the difference to the room I’m extremely pleased. I’ll list the costs and products used below in case it’s any help to you. I’ve also attached pictures of the bathroom before and during the makeover; after pictures to follow when I’ve finished adding all my accessories and decorative bits.

Bathroom makeover products & costs:

*Dulux EasyCare Bathroom 2.5L ‘Chic Shadow’ – £22 only half a tin used
*Dulux EasyCare Bathroom 2.5L ‘Pure Brilliant White’ – £22 less than half a tin used
*Dulux Quick Dry Satin Wood 750ml ‘Polished Pebble’ – £14.99 tin for whole house
*Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint ‘White Satin’ – £18.99
*Laura Ashley ‘Mr Jones Durham’ Floor Tiles – £2.08 per tile £124.68 incl VAT & Delivery
*Vintage Silver Mirror – £16.99 B&M
*Floor grout & adhesive – £50
*Shower fitting – £55 Very

We’re still making the place home and sprucing little things up here and there whilst making a list of the bigger jobs we’d like to do in the future. I’m going to be blogging about various parts of what’s gone into making our house a home, the first time buyer journey and recommendations of products and DIY tips we’ve learnt along the way.

Any questions please contact me via my blog or on instagram.

Disclaimer: Dulux EasyCare Bathroom paints were gifted to me
. All other recommended products, including the additional Dulux paints, were purchased.

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