BibbilyBoo: The must-have dribble bib

Sometimes you come across a product and just instantly fall in love with it; that’s how I feel about the BibbilyBoo range of bibs. I’m forever telling parents and soon-to-be parents about them so figured it’s about time I penned my thoughts into a blog post too. 

When I stumbled across these bibs, whilst perusing through Instagram, what first struck me were the beautiful designs; everything from plain patterns to sloth print and bright florals. I soon became intrigued by their shape which was notably different to any bibs I’d seen before. I read more about the bibs and the lady behind them, mum of two Katie, and decided I’d like to give some a try.

I had a chat with Katie about her business and learnt that she designed the bibs whilst on maternity leave as she felt there was a gap in the market for a bib that soaked up dribble without becoming sodden; and ultimately seeping through onto baby’s clothing. After much research into fabrics, Katie sat at her sewing machine and made the perfect dribble-proof bib and with that BibbilyBoo was born.

Like Katie, I had found I was going through an average of 5 bibs a day due to Reuben’s excessive dribbling; teething or not. Not only was I going through an abundance of bibs but I was often having to change outfits too. There was nothing for it – I picked 4 stunning designs and eagerly awaited their arrival.

First impressions were great. These weren’t any old bib – nope. These were a fashion statement in themselves. Gorgeous, bold prints certain to turn heads. You could feel the quality and thickness of the fabric between your fingers and the lie flat shape with chiseled neck gave me confidence that this bib would help abolish dribble rash under Reuben’s chin and neck. 

The bib has size adjustable poppers making the bib suitable from around 2 months old until approx. 2 years. Katie has also recently added a larger sized bib to her collection (for a child approx. 2-7 years). The poppers allow the bib to grow with your little one meaning you don’t have to keep purchasing new ones as they get bigger. 

The shaped neckline sat beautifully against Reuben’s skin preventing any chafing that ultimately results in dribble rash and sores. More airflow around the neck also means that any dribble can dry naturally which avoids any further irritation.

The best feature of all though, of course, is that the bib really is waterproof. The bib is multi-layered using waterproof and breathable fabrics which comply to the Oekotex 100 standard. I went from using five bibs a day to just the one. These bibs are durable and their waterproof-ness (made that up but you get the point) knows no bounds. Not only does this bib make life easier from a changing point of view, it also cuts down on the amount of bibs and clothing going through the wash; which is a winner for any parent.

I now own 15 BibbilyBoo bibs in various colours and designs so that I can perfectly match up to Reuben’s outfits. Or more often than not, match the outfit to the bib. Trust me I would have more if my husband would allow it. 

Reuben has become somewhat a poster boy for the brand. That’s because he’s rarely seen without a BibbilyBoo bib around his neck. I’ve really come to rely on them because they are just that – super reliable. They have never allowed dribble, juice or anything else through the bib on to his clothing.

Don’t just take my word for it on how good they are… Bibbilyboo has won a gold Lovedbyparents award in the category of ‘best innovative baby care product 2020’, an Indy ‘best buy’ award and has been featured in the likes of Tatler magazine.

What are you waiting for? You can browse BibbilyBoo dribble bibs here and find them on Instagram here. Don’t forget to take advantage of the bundle deals for multi-buy purchases. Why not pair with a matching blanket for the perfect baby shower gift?

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