Review: Minbie Double Breast Pump

{Ad|Gifted} I had, for some time, been on the hunt for an affordable double breast pump to help both support my breastfeeding journey but also to allow me some extra freedom to have precious ‘me time’. As I had an impending operation on the horizon, I also wanted a pump that was going to successfully aid me in building a freezer stash of milk so that my husband could feed my son whilst I was in hospital and unable to do so myself. I was therefore thrilled when Minbie approached me and asked if I’d like to try their Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump. 

Having the ability to easily express breast milk means I can relax in the knowledge I have provided enough milk for my baby when I’m away from him. Breast pumps, in my opinion, are a vital tool in any woman’s breastfeeding journey. Not only does it allow her to provide breast milk when she’s away from her baby but it also means she can effortlessly stop herself from becoming engorged and remain comfortable. 

Before receiving the Minbie Double Breast Pump, I had been using a single electric breast pump of a different brand and although it ‘did the job’ it was bulky, uncomfortable, a nightmare to assemble and hideously noisy. The noise alone was enough to make me dread pulling it out of the cupboard. It took a lot of time and effort to wash all the fiddly parts, sterilise and assemble them – each time having to have the instructions to hand as there was an awful lot to remember. It also took me in excess of 20 minutes per breast to express off only the amount of milk required to make me feel less engorged. All in all it made pumping feel like a laborious chore which made me shudder.

The arrival of my Minbie pump was like a breath of fresh air. I was amazed when I pulled it out of the box and was able to figure out how to take it apart and put it back together without even so much as glancing at the instructions. I can easily count the amount of parts and it is so simple that even my husband is able to help with the cleaning, sterilising and putting together of the pumps. I was also pleased to see the addition of some ‘extras’ not normally included with a lot of other pumps – for example the ‘bottle feet’ stands to rest your pumps on (so they don’t topple over) and the dust covers to place in the breast shield when it’s being stored.

There’s honestly so much to love about this pump. There are many fantastic elements and features which I could sit and tell you about it all day. I’ve picked out some of the key things I like and will discuss them in more detail below. 

When you’re researching what breast pump to purchase I believe there are 4 key features many of us look for in particular; comfort, affordability, durability and ease of use. We want something that we can afford, is going to last but more importantly is successful in expressing milk whilst being gentle on the breast and nipple. This pump covers all of these bases and more.

As I have already briefly discussed, this pump is incredibly easy to use. The assembly is simple and doesn’t leave you scratching your head wondering if it takes a rocket scientist to decipher the instructions. Once attached to the breast you turn the device on and place it into ‘stimulation’ mode. This mode encourages your body’s natural let down reflex and stimulates the milk flow. After this point you can switch the pump to ‘expression mode’ – whilst in this mode you have the freedom to adjust both the cycle and vacuum separately. When you change the cycle you are increasing or decreasing the pumping pace. I get the most success when I flit through various cycles during a pumping session. I do this to mimic what I know my baby naturally does at the breast – he doesn’t stick to one pace or rhythm it is sporadic and increases/decreases throughout the feed. The vacuum has 8 adjustable levels during stimulation mode and 12 during expression mode. For the vacuum I start on a lower setting and often increase it to the maximum vacuum. This is just a personal preference and I like to do so as I feel it speeds up the session for me with a higher level of suction.

I’m incredibly pleased to report it only takes me ten minutes – you heard right TEN MINUTES – to empty both breasts using this pump. This gets me on average between 6oz – 8oz of breast milk. As this pump is hospital grade it is extremely powerful and I believe that is why it is so successful for me. I’m in awe of the fact that it can be so powerful but extremely quiet. Honestly you can barely hear it’s there! No need to turn up the TV or pause your programme – you can even pump in the same room as a sleeping baby! This means you don’t have to get out of bed and slope off to another room in the middle of the night if you need to pump. Night expressing is also aided by the fantastic backlit display and night light which means you can both see what you’re doing and read the display clearly. 

Once charged, the long lasting lithium battery means that the pump is hand held and portable. Not being bogged down by wires means you can pump anywhere and everywhere – no need to endlessly search for a suitable plug socket. I can report that I’ve only charged the unit once and I still have 3 bars of battery remaining. I do pump infrequently, usually as and when I have an engagement or event, but have used it for in excess of 2 hours. The other thing this pump has allowed for is a boost in my confidence surrounding returning to work and continuing to breastfeed. I will have no qualms expressing as and when required throughout my day thanks to this simple, portable and discreet pump. 

This is the perfect pump to own when you want something that will fit in with your routine rather than having a pump that you need to make time for. You can find out more about the pump here on the Minbie website. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask either here or over on my Instagram page. You will find videos of the pump unboxing, assembly and in use in my Instagram highlights section. Although a quick overview of this pump I’m sure you will agree the makers of this pump appear to have clearly thought in detail about how to make this pump the best it can be. 

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