Review: Lollipop Baby Camera

{Ad|Gifted} We were kindly gifted this beautiful teal Lollipop Baby Camera which I’ve had my beady eye on for ages. Having a teeny nursery, with not much spare space, the Lollipop Baby monitor was the ideal choice for us as it can be wrapped around the wall mount (which is provided) – or attached to the cot itself.

Reuben hasn’t transitioned to his own room just yet so we’ve been using it on his bedside crib for both daytime naps and when we put him down in an evening. It was so easy to set up! We picked where we would like the camera to go, wrapped the soft and super bendy silicone arm round the front end of the crib, plugged it in and linked it to the wi-fi. That was it! You can have a live look in on the monitor from any wi-fi connected device. I use my iPhone during the day and we pop a constant stream on via our iPad in an evening. The app is fantastic allowing multiple different functions at your finger tips – having it across all of our devices means that my husband can have a cheeky spy in on Reuben from work too!

There are too many features I rate on this product to mention them all – there’s so much to love about this baby monitor! The picture is ridiculously clear in both daylight & at night time. As the light becomes darker the camera automatically switches to night vision with the picture quality being unaffected. You can play music and sounds through it, talk through it, take pictures and videos… the list goes on. One of the most notable features is that it has cry detection – it knows the difference between general noise, whinging and actual crying! It will even tell you how loudly baby is crying. Incredible, right? When the camera detects either noise in the room or baby crying the camera will record a 30 second clip which you can play back which I find a really handy function.

I highly recommend this baby cam to anybody looking for a smart and incredibly functional baby monitor. It is everything you could want from a baby monitor and more – plus it’s super cute! You can find videos of the camera in action in my instagram highlights.

If you have any questions at all please comment below or contact me via email or instagram. I’d be more than happy to help!

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